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The Rain Project

Students participated in a project-based learning approach aimed at developing innovative interdisciplinary education and scholarship in "The Rain Project", launching a 1,700-plant floating wetland on Mason Pond in May 2015. The year-long project brought together art, science and engineering students to clean the stormwater pond as well as to spur ecological awareness and literacy. The Rain Project, designed and directed by Professor Changwoo Ahn of Environmental Science and Policy, has been featured as an exemplary case for cross-disciplinary collaboration for community impact in National Academies' s recent report (2018), titled "The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education- Branches from the Same Tree, David Skorton and Ashley Bear (Eds.). Please click the video to watch.


The Rain Project Photobook

NBC Washington News coverage, May 2015

The Dirt Project (2017- 2022) - an on-going interdisciplinary sci-art project

2019-2022: Assessment of forested wetland soil carbon and organic matter using quantitative color sensor measurements in the Washington metropolitan area, USA.

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