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EVPP 646: Wetland Ecology and Management

 Edible and medicinal wetland plants ( a class project

EVPP 647: Wetland Ecology and Management Lab & Field


EVPP 650: Ecosystem Analysis and Modeling Lecture & Lab (Fall 2020)


EVPP 378/BIOL 379: Ecological Sustainability (RS/Greenleaf /Mason Core for Capstone Course)


EVPP/BIOL 355: Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration (Greenleaf)


EVPP-BIOL 442/542: Urban Ecosystems and Processes (RS)


EVPP 375/396: Individual studies/Directed studies in ESP (1-3 credits, consult with Dr. Ahn)


EVPP 505: Environmental Chemistry for Non-Majors


EVPP 693: Directed Studies in Environmental Science & Public Policy (1-3 credits)

BIOL 492: Senior Seminar in Biology


UNIV 391: SaS Scholarly Inquiry


EVPP/BIOL 381: Nature and Culture in Global Wetlands - Mason Core Global Understanding (NEW!)


GEO Summer Course 2023- Culinary Heritage and Ecology of Messolonghi Lagoon, Greece

(Please contact Dr. Ahn or Study Abroad for the itinerary)

EVPP 201: Environment and You: Issues for the Twenty-First Century (Mason core, SP 2019 @Mason Korea)

EVPP 490: Special Topics in ESP (Environmental Careers and Global Citizenship) (SP 2019 @Mason Korea)

EVPP 490: Special Topics in ESP (Environmental Sustainability Education) (SU 2023 @Mason Korea)**

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